Saturday, May 14, 2005


AnGeL steered my thoughts to my former colleague.

After he got the axe for molesting a young girl, I attended a seminar at Kumamoto University where I had the brief honor to talk with the President of the university.

My workload was like, doubled because I have to take over his duties and attend the committees he attended.

Nevertheless I was (am) not complaining.

In fact, I am thrilled whenever the university asks me to do stuff.

It shows that they have faith in me.

The Kumamoto University President immediately said, they is a saying in old Japan...

'The reward of work is work' (仕事の報酬は仕事).

Dracolshian mentioned about the 2-in-1 principle...

‘While others pay for their hobbies, people pay for ours.’

In my first 8 teaching years, interacting with and assisting foreign students and Japanese students was my hobby.

After I took up my present position two years ago, my hobby and my occupation merged to become the 2-in-1 principle.

I once read a book on personal finance.

In the section on 'starting a small business', it asks...

'Are you happy with your present job?'

To get an idea of the answer, it challenges the reader to answer one question.

‘Would you do what you are doing now, even if you are not paid?’

If you answer with a pretty strong yes, you are close to being happy with what you are doing now.

In my case, hmmm... maybe 70 to 80%?

Would like to say 90 or 100% but I am afraid my missus may kick my butt for bringing too thin a paycheck home...