Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coral trout at cleaning station

Decided to start a second blog dedicated to photography.

I have been shooting pictures for about 20 years. Started off with Canon A1. Moved on to Nikon FM2, and then to the F and F2AS.

These film cameras are hibernating these days while the digitals (Nikon and Olympus) get into action.

Favorite subjects are portraits but I also enjoy shooting sunsets, night scenes, flowers, and underwater as well.

I earned my scuba license in early 2001 in Koh Tao, Thailand, and have been shooting underwater for over two years now.

It is a pleasure to share my pictures with anyone who drops by the blog.

The picture above was taken in a ‘sunrise’ dive.

While my buddies were snoring, I crawled out of the bed at 5.00 am and hit the water at 6.00 am.

In the early morning, the marine creatures are sluggish, just like humans.

This coral trout is being serviced by a cleaning shrimp; you can see the legs of the shrimp at the lower part of the fish’s mouth.

Photo distance to the subject was about one meter.

The trout appeared to enjoying the cleaning so much so that it did not bother to move away when I zeroed in.

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