Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Envy (a bit-bit only lah...) Fish Fish and Patrick who are studying in Kyoto University.

While finishing my master's degree at Kagawa University, I sat for the doctorate course entrance examination at four universities.

Passed two (Kyoto and Nagoya), flunk two (Tokyo and Hitotsubashi).

Was still rather unknowledgeable about places Japan, and all those people around me... they were unanimous in their opinions... go for Kyoto University.

But the administrative staff apparently screwed up the process of scholarship extension.

It turned out to be either Nagoya University on scholarship or Kyoto University on private funds.

So, Nagoya I went.

But luck came again when I was offered a chance to be a visiting researcher at the Kyoto University Center of Southeast Asian Studies.

Stayed there for 10 months.

Loved it so much, especially the Kamo River and the vicinity.

In the summer, the house I stayed was so very hot that I could not sleep.

Kyoto is infamous for its summer heat.

So, stayed back in office and studied until late.

Sometimes, even sleeping in the research room.

I felt strange when I had to go peeing in the middle of the night sometimes.

One night, while sleeping, I felt I was pressed from above by some entity.

I could sense immediately that it was a spirit.

Waah, hair stand, man…

Yet, I forced myself to say, calmly and politely, 'please do not disturb me... I wish to sleep peacefully... please go away'.

I did not tell anyone about this episode.

Then a few days later, to my surprise, an office lady asked me, 'Lim-san, I heard you saw a ghost'.

I almost died from shock.

I said, how do you know I 'saw' a ghost?

'Everyone in the Center knows'.

My ears twanged wildly...

Turned out that a Singaporean guy by the same surname saw an apparition, a long haired spirit, sitting quietly at the middle of a flight of stairs...

He walked pass her silently...

And also, an Indonesian guy saw the apparition in his research room...

Pooh, even while I relate this story, hair stand, man...

Do you believe in ghost?

Ok, no posts for the next few days...

Have to play host to a group of students and professors coming from Wisconsin University...