Sunday, May 29, 2005


A friend from Assam, India, likes to stay in capsule hotels whenever he goes on business.

I have always avoided these places... believing that they are a little too sleazy for my taste...

For one thing, I like to sleep and do not take it kindly when disturbed while in dreamland.

Furthermore, I value my privacy while I sleep.

Plus, my snoring would disturb other people.

Next week, I shall be heading to Tokyo University for the first time since February 1990, when I sat for (and failed) the entrance exam for the doctorate course.

I shall be there to attend a seminar on the Japanese policy towards foreign students.

Not expecting too much of a change from the status quo, but let's see...

Meanwhile, I thought, why not take this opportunity to experience how it is like to stay in a capsule hotel?

See picture here.

The 'rooms' resemble honeycombs; compartments large enough to just accommodate a human body.

They have private mini televisions attached on the ceiling and of course, reading lights.

Guests share bathrooms and toilets.

There is a large common-use Jacuzzi as well as a sauna facility.

The restaurant is opened 24 hours.

I have just requested a room, I mean, a capsule, at 'Dandy' near Ueno station.

It is strictly a men's joint and it costs 3900 yen (about 140 ringgit) for a night, no meals... only sleeping, Jacuzzi-ing and sauna-ing...

Looking forward to this experience...