Monday, May 02, 2005

Fishtail palm tree flowers

Ornaments from the palm

This is a picture of flowers from the fishtail palm tree that I took at a friend's garden.

The fishtail palm tree got its name from the shape of the leaves that resemble the tails of ornamental fish, particularly that of the comet goldfish.

I was quite surprised to see that its way of flowering is opposite to the 'normal' way, that is, the first clusters of flowers emerge from the top of a mature tree, followed by subsequent clusters down the trunk.

Since my friend is seldom in the house, birds like the Philippine Glossy Starling (a small black bird, somewhat like a mini crow with red eyes) come by to nest in the cleavages.

The crimson-like fruits attract the Black-napped Oriole, a beautiful yellow bird with a loud fluty call. (The oriole is my favorite bird, too.)

The fishtail palm tree apparently dies when the flower cluster reaches the ground.

It reproduces from the baby suckers growing out from the mother plant at the base, like the banana plant.