Sunday, May 08, 2005


For the umpteenth time, the Malays are urged to emulate the Chinese.

Well, I have this say to my Malay brothers and sisters.

You don't have to drink Guinness Stout or eat char siew.

All you have to do is to just get rid of those damn crutches and you are almost there.

Really, there's simply no need to emulate anyone.

Some excerpts...

Najib Urges Bumi Entrepreneurs To Emulate Their Chinese Counterparts

He said there were many positive traits that could be learnt from the Chinese community such as their diligence, commitment and far-sightedness.

"I have always thought that one of the best things practiced by the Chinese community in this country is to become entrepreneurs by going into business on a small scale initially and ensuring they the business grows so that it can be inherited by their family.

"This is the driving force for their success. This is the lesson that we Bumiputeras must learn and adopt in ensuring the continuity of successful Bumiputera enterprises," he said.

He said that in comparing the Bumiputera entrepreneurs with their Chinese counterparts, the most glaring trait among the Bumiputeras was the desire to get rich quickly and succeed instantly.

"The Malays will first say that they want to become entrepreneurs, later they say they want to become Umno division heads, thereafter, they take the short-cut and become a broker, apply for permits from the minister to bring in Bangladeshi workers," Najib said.

In addition, he said the Bumiputeras must discard the mentality of being too dependent on a career with the government sector which was inculcated by the colonialists.
(Blaming the cow again!)

"The Vision 2020 that we aspire in becoming a developed nation will be meaningless if the Malay entrepreneurs were still lagging behind, not in a position to master the sources of wealth for the country, still unable to master technology and modern management," he added.
(BERNAMA May 05, 2005;)