Saturday, June 11, 2005


Two pieces of news in Japan got me thinking about the Malaysian sailor who was conferred a datukship for sailing around the world, 'solo'.

'Horie completes solo circumnavigation' and 'Nonstop circumnavigator, 71, sails into record books'

The first piece talks about Kenichi Horie, who at age 66, completed an eight-month nonstop solo voyage around the world.

And the second piece focuses on Minoru Saito, age 71, ending a 7 1/2-month, nonstop, unassisted solo circumnavigation around the globe.

In Malaysia, most people of this age will be queuing up to 'keluar baris'.

Yet, what struck me most were the energy and the humbleness that seems to radiate from their salt-worn physique.

Horie appeared especially down-to-earth in the interview.

Saito howled like he was in paradise when he took his first bite of tuna sashimi to celebrate his feat.

On the Malaysian sailor...

I don't know much about this guy, actually.

Except that he is a fellow Kedahan...

And that the Malaysian Navy assisted him with his broken mast and furnished him with microwave-oven ready-to-eat 'nasi kunyit'...

Perhaps he should sail again to make Malaysians really proud?

This time, absolutely solo, without the help of the Navy...

Who knows, those fellows 'up there' might be so impressed so as to dish him a Tan Sri...