Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outdoor toilet... masterpiece number two

We enjoy having friends coming over for potluck lunch parties.
Initially, we had them inside the house but I did not want to burden my missus with too much cleaning after the event.
So, I moved the event outdoors, onto the spacious dead-end part of the road just in front of our house.
I picked up a wooden table from the university, which was disposed off as rubbish, and it is just perfect for such events .
The table is probably 30 to 40 years of age and still very solid.
Problem was the toilet...
When we renovated the second floor, I kept the toilet bowl, knowing that one day it would come in handy.
From a stone wholesaler nearby, I picked up some wood which was used to hold the stones together during transportation.
From the tall reeds which I cut when clearing the field, I constructed the walls...
And hoola, my 'masterpiece' number two (see masterpiece number one here).
All from materials recycled, and 'free' of charge...

I sited the toilet at the furthermost south-eastern point of our potager.
The pond beyond is called Sasao Pond, and it makes a beautiful backdrop for the toilet, doesn't it?

In early May, we invited a bunch of friends over and put the toilet out for a test.
The ladies who used the toilet were quite thrilled (or too polite with their comments?)... said they, ' it was like a trip back to the olden days...
how nice it is, to answer the call of nature while enjoying the open sky and the green'...

'Call of nature' here refers strictly to only the 'small' one... I shall be making further improvements to this 'masterpiece'.... care for a test?