Monday, February 15, 2010

My masterpiece wooden shelf

Heh heh heh... been taking advantage of the cold weather to work indoors... on wood, that is.
We renovated our second floor after we bought our property some years ago and I could not let myself see the 'old' wood being hauled away as debris.
We had them stored in a corner.
And, tadaaaa.... four years down the road, this masterpiece...
As a 13 year-old boy, I took a class called 'Industrial Arts' where the instructor taught us how to make a wooden book stand.
That was just about the only lesson I had on woodwork.
As an adult, I had made a shoe-rack, which turned out to be too rickety...
This shelf is by far the biggest woodwork project I have ever undertaken.
It is quite sturdy, and large enough to store our stuff.
Am now in the process of making some boxes from the left-over wood.
Boxes to store produce like onions and potatoes.


  1. Nice. Hey, if you still have wood left, I could sure use some shelves like that to get things organized...

  2. There's this space in my hall that I need to fill with a book case, do you take orders Lrong Sinseh? Hahaha. Great work!

  3. panda-chan... I thank my lucky stars that Aji-cho where I live is famous for the tombstone business... many businesses import huge stones from China and there are loads of wood that is leftover after the stones are unpacked... I have received permission to use them although they are not very suitable for making shelves... they will be very useful for my garden though...

    Unka... I have a close buddy who makes solid furniture in the UK... neighbors come to his place to order stuff from him... but unfortunately, yours truly is probably still very much below par... still too much an amateur...