Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fingers and toes freezing...

Today is such a fine day... sunny, little wind, and a warm 13 degrees.
Still, the temperatures in the morning were somewhat too severe for me.
As I cycled to work this morning, ooh, my little fingers and toes... I felt they were freezing away.
Just then, a schoolboy approached me from the opposite side.
He was cycling, and he wore only short-sleeves and long pants.
Oh my, I said to myself, I must be getting too old for this cold.
As you see, I am wearing two layers of 'long johns', two layers of socks, and five layers of clothes for the upper body.
How I wish I can zoom back and forth from Malaysia in my daily routine here...
And to hear of forecasts saying that another cold front is coming around the corner...