Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A walk in the hills in May

After breakfast on weekends, I normally take a walk in the hills with my missus. 
The air is super-fresh, and there are almost no cars around.
The views of the Japan Inland Sea is very pretty, even when it is foggy.
It was as if there were ghost ships sailing about, horns blaring as far as one can hear...

One of the joys of walking in the hills is that we get to pick wild mountain vegetables.
These 'mountain asparagus', their skin has to be peeled before cooking.
My missus do not mind the cooking and it has become my duty to do the peeling and slicing.
They taste a little tangy when cooked.

The other pleasure is that we get to collect dry leaves.
I normally bring a gunny sack with me for the purpose.
Once back home, into my vegetable garden they go, mulching.