Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogs merged into one...

Today is the last day of the academic calendar in Japan.
So, it is time to say goodbye to colleagues who are retiring.
I was particularly sad to see an old colleague leave today.
His career spanned 42 years; assuming he is 60 now, he must have joined the university when he was 18.

Today is also the day when I say goodbye to a few blogs that I have created but have not been able to maintain.
Thanks to Blogger, even an internet-semi-illiterate like me can execute the export-import functions.
I did the proverbial 'hop-step-and-jump' over three blogs and have decided to return to the original blog, pulling together all the posts into one single address.
And surprised I was, to see that I have accumulated 420 posts since 2004.

Through the process, most of the comments have unfortunately been deleted by Haloscans.
Had to let them go although I would have liked to keep them.

Tomorrow is 1st April, the start of the new academic year.
I am ready to start afresh...