Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mee Rebus on a second try

After the few days of strong gales, the skies rained for four straight days.
Very unusual to see so much rain in March. 
My vegetable garden was soaked with water, which is not a bad thing. 
Requested my missus to try the 'mee rebus' recipe again.
This time with 'proper' ingredients such as bean sprouts (my favorite), chopped green onions, boiled egg, and oven-toasted crispy bean curd. 
We actually used leftover fish (sea bream) curry for the base and added potatoes to thicken the gravy. 
Normally we try to avoid fried stuff whenever we can, so no 'cucur udang' (prawn fritters) this time... 
Wooh, I think the taste was as near as we can get to the real thing... 
I ate and I howled...


  1. Vincent Ong4/01/2010

    Look very yummy indeed,but mee rebus without cucur udang is like making love without taking your cloth off.
    Well better than nothing.

    I ate and I howled...sign of satisfaction!!.

  2. As in having the ice kacang without the ice... But you are quite right, Vincent... with the cucur udang, I would have howled louder...