Monday, March 22, 2010

Food and lights @ Brisbane

While at Brisbane, had a good time eating out at the restaurants.
There are plenty of choices, but naturally, my preferences go to things Asian. 
Tried Philipino bitter gourd rice, Korean seafood spicy noodles, Bologna spaghetti, Turkish kebabs, Chinese chicken rice, Indian vegetarian curries, Lebanese salad rolls, and several types of sandwiches...
It was interesting to note that many Asian restaurants sell an overly wide spectrum of food. 
For example, you can get Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Malaysian stuff from the same one restaurant. 
I was rather skeptical that a single restaurant can offer such a wide variety and be good in all of them. 
I once asked a waitress where the cook came from.
'Korean' came the reply and luckily enough, the Korean dish I ordered was pretty authentic.   
Stayed at a really convenient location at Brisbane. 
The well designed service apartment offered excellent night views of the city. 
Night photography has always fascinated me. 
The picture above was taken from the balcony of the service apartment. 
City Hall at night...
Would have loved to bring my Nikon SLR with me if not for the extra weight.
Had to do with just the aim and shoot compact...
Still, managed to enjoy myself walking the streets at night, shooting away...