Sunday, April 04, 2010

24th wedding anniversary

Boiled burdock with bean curd, potato salad, sashimi

Read that April 3rd marks the first anniversary of murder-suspect (in the eyes of the Malaysian public) Najib as prime minister.
Uh, who can forget that episode many moons ago, when Gobind rightly accused him straight in the face of being such (murderer of the Mongolian model).
He has still to respond to this very public accusation.
Besides this murder episode, this man has yet to explain to Malaysians about his seditious statement mouthed as the youth leader of that racist party, of wanting to bath Chinese blood with the kris.

Most importantly, he has to explain to me why he is tainting this beautiful April 3rd day by marking it as the starting day of  his ever corrupt and incompetent cabinet.

For, to me, April 3rd is an auspicious day in more ways than one.

Twenty eight years ago on this day, my work-superior introduced a lovely girl to me.
Twenty four years ago (or four years after that fateful day) on the same day, that girl and me became husband and wife...
Exactly a year after we got married, I arrived in Japan on 3rd April as a foreign student.

April 3rd 2010 was a warm 14 degrees, slightly windy, but very comfortable.
I spent the day digging the soil, preparing the beds to plant some gourds and cucumber.

We concluded the day with a simple meal of assorted sashimi, burdock, Japanese knot-weed which we picked from the hills, potato salad, fresh vegetables, fish curry, with a glass of red wine.

I look forward to spending more precious time with my sweetheart... and we are already contemplating on going to Vietnam to celebrate our silver anniversary next year...