Sunday, April 24, 2005

Redang in the off-season

Pasir Panjang with Pulau Lima in the background (C) Lrong Lim

Was at Redang for the first time last month. Had been avoiding Redang in preference for that little paradise, Lang Tengah. The crowds had not arrived yet, so Pasir Panjang was really quiet.

Heard from the hotel staff that during the peak season, about 2000 visitors throng the beach. Stayed at the Laguna Redang. New solid buildings, lots of wood fixtures, good and plentiful food, friendly staff, and a magnificent view of the sea from the restaurant.

But I wished the staff could do away with the fake ‘Malalaysian’ way of salutation each time we walked up the stairs towards the restaurant. Has anyone actually seen any Malaysian greeting someone by putting the palms on the chest?

Walked the whole stretch of Pasir Panjang and it made us glad that we chose Laguna. Most, if not all of the other resorts seemed shabby: some not so; some really crappy.

We have read many a time that Redang offers the best of diving on the east coast although some may claim Tenggol is the one.

Our four days there was spent mostly scuba diving, and we had the services of the dive masters all to ourselves.