Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gmails, anyone?

Any Gmails here? (C) Lrong Lim

One thing that I really, really can't understand about my countrymen is the tendency or the need to perpetually refer to the prime minister when they attempt to put forward their views.

A latest example is a letter to Malaysiakini.

It goes, 'The headline on the destruction of the forest reserve at Bukit Beruang in Malacca shows that Barisan Nasional leaders do not seem to heed the call by our prime minister to preserve the remaining green areas in this country from wanton destruction.'

You can check for more instances when you read the papers.

My question is, why the perennial need to refer to the man?

Is it that we can't drag ourselves out of that feudalistic frame of mind?

Can't we institute systems and procedures that, regardless of whoever sits on that chair, life will go on?

Well, just letting off some occasional steam... must be that guy who can't stop pestering me for a recommendation letter.

Ok, ok, before I get carried away any further...

I have a bunch of Gmails idling around in my garden.

If I were a 'sleek' businessman, I would put them on ebay and make some roti.

I have a friend who once asked for posters from a well-known camera maker.

He got the posters for free, and then he sold them for a clean bundle.

If he reads this, he'd probably say, 'eh, don't want to friend you already, ok?'

So, anyone who is keen in having one, please... don't ape that gentleman up there.

The consequences may be too intolerable for you.

Just drop me a line at