Friday, April 08, 2005

A horse that refuses to go away

I thought that horse was shot dead by bloggers and duly cremated.

But no!

So, you can imagine my falling off the office chair when I read about Musa Hitam poking his nose into that dead horse.

Thing is, can someone just nominate one single Malay (choose your own definition) whom we can proudly call, oh no, 'towering'?

At the moment, zero, I'd say.

But no problem.

Up came Najib with this brainy formula: pioneering Malays + noble Malays + global Malays = towering Malays.

Oh my Lord, I thought I was confused enough with this... 'towering' nonsense.

Now, I have to go cracking my poor knucklehead wondering what the heck 'pioneering Malays', 'noble Malays', and 'global Malays' mean.