Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday at the office

My situation deteriorated. Was coughing so badly last night that I feared, with the next gigantic swoosh, out comes my liver.

My throat was itchy to the edge, and the cough was a reflex of that uncontrollable irritant. And, I thought I was on the road to recovery.

I should be on the road today, actually, heading towards to Matsuyama city, to meet up with the Korean student delegation.

Anyway, under such a pitiable situation, you cannot stay in the house either, not even on a Sunday, because the mistress of the house does not want you to spread the germs to her.

So, out you go. And where else to go to, in this cold weather, besides your own office.

Vacuumed the office immediately after I entered the room. God, I wonder who brought all these dust, these dirt, into my office.

My supervisor-professor for the masters program, a very kind man, was terribly tardy in keeping his room clean.

Whenever I asked to borrow a book, he had to step on and trip over heaps of papers on the floor, squeeze himself through behind the chairs and other equipment, so as to be able to dig into the books perennially piled on the table.

Once he served us some green tea. A female student brought the cups to wash at the basin. The next moment, she was screaming her head off.

Ah, a cockroach. I recall thinking to myself, head shaking from left to right and back; girls will always be girls, and cockroaches, cockroaches.

My supervisor said, mundanely: oh, that cockroach must have sneaked in here by itself from outside.

Yeah, like the dust that found its own way into my office.