Friday, December 17, 2004

The Malaysian prime minister pontificates

The prime minister spoke to the over 1000-strong Malaysian community in Dubai.

He said, 'Adherence to hard work, good governance, pride in the services, efficiency, quality - this should be the Malaysian characteristic'.

'In whatever you do, think of the country and people and make us proud'.

'Do not do anything that could cause us shame'.

'You must be able to compete, otherwise you cannot succeed'.

To me, it looks more like pretty good 'advice' that should be given to everyone back in Malaysia.

Particularly to the civil servants, who are infamous for their sloppy services.

To the police, who should be protecting rather than harassing the people.

To the variously inefficient government-sponsored companies.

And to the educational institutions, the universities, which are undergoing declining standards.

Excellent words. But really, anything new in that?