Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cool as Ice

The Japan Times reports, 'Iceland tells U.S. to butt out; Fischer still welcome'.

I like that 'butt out' statement... yes, the sound of it. It is so macho. Icelanders got guts, man.

Many a nation can learn from Icelanders in this swap to the 'big brother'; don't tell us how to run our business.

While I am clueless in the game of chess, I cannot understand the fuss being kicked up on the former US chess champion Bobby Fischer.

To me, all he did 'wrong' was to violate the U.N. sanctions against Yugoslavia when he played a chess match there in 1992.

He is currently enjoying his sushi and sukiyaki here in Japan, but is a wanted 'hamburger' in the United States.

The US could do more good by going after the butts of people who committed more serious crimes against mankind.

Like that Hermit Crab of the Last Bastion of Communism.