Friday, December 10, 2004

Korean students come to town

Been very busy with work these days.

Yesterday, a group of Korean students came to my university as part of a study tour of Shikoku. Will be here for three days.

I was requested to play a relatively large role in guiding these folks around.

All of them major in the Japanese language, and are pretty good in the language.

I personally enjoy attending to these young folks. Will be chairing a discussion session between them and a bunch of Japanese students.

With the historical love-hate relationship between these two countries, I wonder what a Malaysian can do to spice up the situation.

Luckily, the ongoing 'Korean craze' for the heartthrob 'Yong-sama' is helping to cool things for now.

Hence, the catchphrase for the moment: 'love'.

I am looking forward to an enjoyable talk session with the young people of Korea and Japan in an hour's time.