Friday, January 16, 2009

This wasteful debate on English

Man, this debate on the usage of English is getting to be tiring... still, am truly surprised to read the following...

'On Monday, the five states under opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat united against the policy. PPSMI (the use of English to teach subjects like Math and Science) had dealt a blow to the "sanctity of Malay", its executive council members in charge of education said.'

Dealt a blow to the santity of Malay?

What is going on in the minds of the Pakatan Rakyat folks?
Have I been expecting too much from these guys or what?

My stand is, Malaysia needs to tackle two issues fast.
One is to instill a sense of unity and togetherness among citizens.

The other is to equip Malaysians to survive in the global market.

Malaysia can tackle these two issues with just one stroke.

That is none other than reverting to the full use of English as she did prior to being hijacked by racial-nationalist politicians decades ago.

Many Malaysians seem to look at this issue as a zero-sum game.

Human beings are capable of mastering multiple languages.

Learning English or using English to teach other subjects does not mean that we have to sacrifice the learning or usage of other languages.

Look at me... (shy lah).

I schooled in the English language, my Bahasa is not too bad I think.

At 27 years of age, I took on Japanese by choice.

I am now somewhere between tri- and bi-lingual.

Similarly, Malaysians can easily master three languages or more.

Just look around you and see for yourself.

I would propose English as the all-encompassing language for everyone to master.

Call this the 'language for the stomach', the language for the globalization huha.

Next, Bahasa Malaysia should be compulsory for all to master.

This is language for the unity thingy.

Finally, all Malaysians are required to select a third language to master.

It can be Mandarin, Tamil, Urdu, French, or whatever.

We should all seriously think about the overall good, rather than restricting ourselves to narrow interpretations of protecting ones' culture and language.

By restricting ourselves to narrow interests, we are certainly not helping our country to move ahead.

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  1. Anonymous11/29/2011

    It is n overall good bcuz Bahasa Malaysia is our country national it is our `Tanggungjawab` to use it whenever we meet with our fellow Malaysian..that is what people call as PRIDE of one country..I know its good that we can master other language, just like u mastering both english n Japanese..but that doent mean we can just neglect our country PRIDE..Im half chinese n my english is not that good..I prefer speaking Malaysia Language with my friend instead of this is just my offend