Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old dogs will never learn

Oh oh, it is not very wise of UMNO to use that 'surgery' word...

Now if Dr. Bakri Musa has not done it yet, I trust that he is already sharpening his knives to do just that...
So UMNO, you'd better prepare to have your butt slammed again by the good doctor...

After Trenggannu, there is so much talk about UMNO having and needing to change.

You mention it, characters ranging from Muhyiddin to Koh Tsu Koon, to Mahathir, to Khairy, to Najib, the whole gang seems to be dishing out this 'advice' of the need to change.
Who are they targeting anyway, this 'advice', if not they themselves?

My take is that, hehe, UMNO is set to die a natural death, and the sooner it is, the better for the country.
For, tell me, does anyone think that this party can actually change?
This party is filled with so-called leaders and politicians who are either corrupted or inept and their only aim seems to be to hold on to power as long as they can.

To me, the only way for UMNO to change is to boot out all their so-called leaders.
Each and every one of them must disappear.
But of course not, for how can they boot themselves out?

I am waiting for that day to come... the funeral day, that is... hee he...

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