Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding solace in Kedah

Recently made an escape back to my village in Kedah, Malaysia.
The vast expanses of green padi fields offered much needed solace.
In the next few weeks, they will be turning golden yellow, ready to be harvested.
But too bad I had to hit the road before that.

Captured this on a cool cloudy day.
That farmer is in his 80s and he cycles about 3 kilometers or so daily to come tend his fields.
He has been doing this ever since I was a kid and he is still going strong.
The partially hidden mountain in the backdrop is of course, Gunung Jerai (Kedah Peak).

The year 2008 was supposed to be Visit Kedah Year.
But the place is unfortunately, as usual, untidy.
Perhaps that feature itself is an attraction?
Anyway, took this shot of the Balai Nobat, the Clock Tower and Masjid Zahir on a really nice-blue-sky day.
There used to be many raintrees in this vicinity, huge ones.
But the municipality people, who knows what they are thinking.
In this aspect, I think they have a lot to learn from Penang.
They chopped off all of them (leaving perhaps one or two?) and planted those skinny palm trees and the ill-looking, under-nourished royal palms.
Won't be surprised if they are dead the next time I come around.

A closer view of the real pretty Masjid Zahir.
If not for the overhanging wires, I bet she would look even prettier.

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