Monday, November 08, 2004

A ‘want’, a ‘hope’, an ‘advice’, and a ‘blame’ all in a single day...

Can’t help noticing this series of Malaysian-styled prime ministerial pontifications as reported by Bernama on November 6th 2004, in the North Regional News section.

In four separate reports, the prime minister delivers a ‘want’, a ‘hope’, an ‘advice’, and a ‘blame’ all in a single day...

First, he ‘wants’ the children’s homes to be managed with tender care. He reasons that an environment with tender care will lead to children growing up filled with affection.

Next, he ‘hopes’ to see more successful businessmen and corporate firms adopt a caring attitude towards the needy.

He then ‘advises’ members of the Jelutong Umno division, several of whose leaders have been disciplined for involvement in money politics, not to repeat acts that can embarrass the party and the division in future.

The sermon for the day must be when he places ‘blame’ on certain acts of the citizens that contribute to restriction in free flow of water in drains and rivers, thereby causing flash floods every time it rains heavily.

Pooh, a lot of desires... and finger pointing...

While all these talk are being dispensed, Malaysian citizens are expecting more teeth in the treatment given to ‘leaders’ tainted with money politics. Not mere 'advice'.

Why is it that the ‘people’ gets the honor to be blamed for flash floods?

Is the government completely guiltless?

And in the first place, why is there a need to blame someone when flash floods happen?