Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More teeth to the Anti-Corruption Agency necessary

Bernama reports that the Umno Supreme Council has not ruled out the possibility of referring to the police and Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) those members found guilty of practicing money politics.

This is a positive sign.

The deputy Prime Minister Najib said that 'currently, we do not invite the ACA and the police to undertake investigations and prosecution because we consider the matter a domestic affair... Nevertheless, if the party investigations reveal that the country's laws had been violated at the time of the offence, we do not rule out the possibility of referring the matter to the police and ACA.'

I hope they will go the ACA way.

At the same time, for ACA to be effective, there is a need to put the ACA under the purview of the Parliament.

If ACA remains answerable to only the prime minister as it is now, the exercise of referring the culprits to the ACA is meaningless, to say the least.