Thursday, July 09, 2009

Outstation at Gotanda

Am now in Tokyo, putting up the night at a business hotel at Gotanda.
The room is naturally, extremely small.
There is a bed, semi-double no doubt, a desk, chair, a unit-bath, and some other accessories.

Been on out-station trips for the last four weekends; three to Tokyo and one to Kumamoto.
Attending seminars upon seminars, that is.
Can be quite tiring, but work is work.

Felt a bit sad that Michael Jackson passed away at such a early age.
I think he was also born in 1958.
Such a waste of talent to leave so soon.

Shall fly back home tomorrow, back to my vegetable garden.
The corn is growing big and the birds are eyeing them.
Harvested some kang kong the other day... really tasty.
The basil plants are super healthy, so are the chillies.
Can't wait to dig my fingers into the soil.