Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Typhoon at Macau

Hmm, due to Typhoon ‘Hagupit’ scraping past Macau, the conference program for today was cancelled.

The typhoon had left trees uprooted, scaffoldings at construction sites ripped off, and at some streets, floods.

With some unexpected free time on my hands, the curious side of me decided to check out what the fuss was all about with this place called the Venetian Macau.

The place is touted to be the biggest casino in the world. It is designed to blend the ‘charm of Venice and the glamour of Las Vegas’ with the ‘mystic of Asia’.

However, for the non-gambler in me, this trip seems to reaffirm the dislike I have for this type of institution.

In less than half an hour after walking into this grotesque complex, I felt an irresistible urge to flee.

It is late afternoon now, and the skies are still gray.

I am wondering if I should take a risk and walk to the Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul.