Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Was walking down the staircase from my apartment this morning.

A familiar cute little girl of about four was playing by herself.

She is the daughter of our immediate next-door neighbor.

In a sweetest little voice, she greeted... 'Ohayo!'

Ohayo! (Good morning!)

She: 'O shigoto?' (Going to work?)

Hai, mai nichi desu yo... (Yes, every day lah...)

'Aruite?' (By foot?)

Iie, jitensha de da yo (No, by bicycle loh...)

Bye bye!

Bye bye!!

Hours later, I am still smiling...

A four year old, using the honorific ‘O’ as in O-shigoto...

Impressed, I am...

Will certainly be missing her and the folks at our pigeonhole apartment...

Last week, paid up the remaining fees for the house, and am now waiting to collect the title.

Then, spent a busy weekend planning and discussing about the kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Found out that there is a mature persimmon tree with fruits in the garden...

Hope to move there by the end of September after we return from our visit to Malaysia.

Woaaaahhh... will ripe persimmons be waiting for me?

Yes or yes?