Friday, January 21, 2005

The push of the devil

The headlines read yesterday, 'After 11 years, former athletics coach acquitted of molest charges'.

Meanwhile, I had a big shock last Friday upon hearing that my work partner at the university was arrested for molesting a 17-year-old high school student in a morning train at Fukuoka city.

He was reported to have dug his hands under her skirt and fondled her buttocks for about 10 minutes.

The schoolgirl alerted the train conductor and he was reprimanded at the next stop.

This incident marks the third arrests of our university staff in two months. (See also Bribery and sexual harassment in the university).

He is a nice guy, really.

Unassuming, quick to apologize, does not create trouble for colleagues.

I have a lot of difficulty trying to understand why.

He is still under police custody in Fukuoka, and probably slamming his head against the wall, gnashing away, 'why... why... why...'

He has a wife, and a cute little child.

The Japanese call it, 'at the push of the devil' (that is, at my interpretation).

He means no harm. He is a good man.

But at that very instant, the devil enters into his soul, and (mis)leads him to commit that unthinkable act.

The former athletics coach lost 11 years of his life, fighting to regain his reputation.

That is simply too much to lose in a lifetime.

Lesson to be learnt is... not to allow/invite/entertain the slightest doubt on one's reputation and morals.

Hopefully, not even 'at the push of the devil'.

For, to be suspected is damaging enough...