Friday, October 29, 2004

Wow, he burps just like you do!

The Star has just come up with an exercise that can only be perceived as folly at best. It asks readers to guess what the Malaysian prime minister’s favorite breakfast or movie, etc, is.

Like an excited child upon receiving some presents, it exclaims “WHAT a tremendous response to our Pak Lah's Top 10 favourites!” This exercise is supposedly part of a special supplement to reflect on the prime minister’s first year in office.

On my side of things, all I could muster was a limp “my god…”

While it is fine and dandy to know that the prime minister is just like anyone of us, enjoying a glass of "teh tarik" in the mornings or a plate of "nasi kandar" in the evenings, Malaysians are much more concerned about how the Star reflects on the progress or the absence of it with regards to significant issues such as corruption under his tutelage.

I hope the Star will not try to deflect attention by channeling too much resource on such mundane and inconsequential matters.